Do I need to record the first round repertoire in one take?


Each composition/movement required in round 1 needs to be recorded without any editing. However, you may record each composition/movement separately and then combine all compositions into one single mp3 file to submit. The playing all needs to be live, but you can record each work separately.


Does the composition of choice in round 1 have to come from repertoire used in later rounds?


No. The choice for what to perform is completely at the discretion of the performer. It is acceptable to include a work that will be used in the later rounds, and it is also acceptable to perform a composition that is completely outside of the competition’s repertoire requirements. The jury encourages performers to use a composition that demonstrates their best artistry and musical proficiency.


Does the composition of choice in round 1 have to use piano accompaniment?


Yes, if the composition was composed with a piano accompaniment. If the work is unaccompanied, then it does not require the use of piano.

What key should I play the Bach/Gisondi in?

In the first round, you should play the Bach on Bb trumpet without transposing. 


The 2020 competition was postponed due to Covid 19. What about 2021?


The Ellsworth Smith Competition is scheduled to take place September 22-25, 2021 in Provo, Utah on the campus of Brigham Young University. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that anything is possible. We fully expect the competition to take place in September 2021, but we reserve the right to cancel or postpone if public health, public safety, or other unforeseen natural disasters prevent it from being possible. There are no plans for the Ellsworth Smith International Trumpet Solo Competition to be a virtual competition.


What Covid-19 precautions are in place for the competition?


All health and safety precautions are taken very seriously. Brigham Young University will ensure all public health measures prescribed by state and national government agencies are followed. Additionally, we encourage all participants to receive a Covid-19 vaccine prior to any travel to the competition. The use of masks, social distancing, good personal hygiene, and other recommended health measures are strongly encouraged. The use of bell covers will not be required during the competition. It is impossible to predict what the situation will be like in September 2021, but all precautions are being taken to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all performers and the jury.


What if international travel isn’t possible in September?


Our hope is that any performer, from any country, wishing to participate in the competition can do so. Again, it is impossible to know what travel restrictions will be in place in September 2021, but our hope is that with vaccine distribution improving around the world, travel will be safe and possible for most individuals. If one applies for the competition, advances to round 2, and then is unable to attend due to a travel restriction, an alternate can be named in their place. 

Can my application fee be refunded if I apply and the competition is cancelled due to Covid 19, or there are travel restrictions that prevent me from attending?

Yes. Your application fee will be refunded to you if you advance to the second round and would be invited to the competition, but are prevented from attending due to travel restrictions or cancellation of the competition.