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      1. 河北環海物流有限公司


        青島國泰佳豐物流有限公司   (北京聯鷹國際物流有限公司青島分公司)成立于2013年,公司業務遍及物流行業的國際貨代、通關代理、陸運、監管倉儲、保稅倉儲、普通倉儲等各個環節。合作密切的代理遍及國內的各個口岸,在世界各地也相繼建立起較為完善的物流代理商網絡。     


        EAGLE ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL QINGDAO was established in 2013, and our business covers all aspects such as international freight forwarding, customs clearance agent, land transportation, supervision and storage, bonded storage, general warehousing, etc. The close cooperation parties are throughout the domestic ports, also set up a relatively complete network of logistics agents in the world.


        Company always adhere to the "commitment to become a reality" and "the pursuit of excellence" company culture, constantly improve the service quality and management level, strictly abide by the state and local laws and regulations and provide the detailed and thoughtful and efficient service to the customer, sincerely help customers succeed, common development with customers. Care for the environment, prevent pollution, realize the unity of economic benefits and social benefits, turn our commitments into reality, and realize sustainable development.






        劉之巍出生于1977年 , 青島人, 1999年本科畢業于青島大學外貿系。 之后在中國海洋大學工商管理專業取得研究生文憑。  2000年到2011年一直服務于跨國物流企業EXPEDITORS 。 于2013年成立青島國泰佳豐物流有限公司。


        David Liu , born in 1977,   graduated from Qingdao University with a bachelor's degree in foreign trade in 1999.

        Then  I obtained a postgraduate diploma in business administration at Ocean University of China.

        From 2000 to 2011, I served in the multinational logistics enterprise - EXPEDITORS.

        2013 , I established  AGLE ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL QINGDAO .

         版權所有2019  河北環海物流有限公司  網站備案號:冀ICP備10017851號

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