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      1. 河北環海物流有限公司

        Global Ocean全球海運


        We offer a full set of ocean related services including ocean forwarding, LCL or FCL container management as well as customer-in-house services. is a single-source vendor who can handle your ocean shipments in or out of China. We offer regular liner facilities and schedules, multi-modal shipping, global tracking and worldwide logistics capabilities, all at competitive rates.

        Our experienced professionals are trained to guide you through the complexities of global shipping. We can offer a single-source solution to and from any point worldwide keeping you Informed of your Shipment

        status at every step.   





        , 提貨, 產地裝箱 




        Cargo Booking, Pick-up, Loading in the factoryCargo Tracking & Tracing
        Cargo delivery to door and devanning Consulting ServicesLocal Term of Expert
        Cycle Time Reporting Delivery NotificationImport Customs Clearance
        Import Document PreparationExport Customs Clearance
        Export Documentation PreparationFreight ConsolidationCargo Insurance Services
        Letter of CreditManifest managementOcean ShippingOcean Project Move
        Temporary Storage at origin or destinationShipment Alerts & Confirmations、
        Shipment Pre-PlanningVendor Management
        Through our carrier evaluation, we enjoy leverage pricing with many carriers and you can also benefit from above.
        Flexible Price and Service

        Right Transit time
        Competitive Price

        Multi-model Services 

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